Monday, June 28, 2010

climb to the top

I am constantly amazed at the willingness in my kids to try new things. I love that they all thrive in new surroundings, that they do not cower in the face of the unknown, or back away from obstacles or challenges. I am proud of how they so easily acclimate to new places, and have the ability to effortlessly make friends.

They have all faced huge upsets in their lives in the last few years, moving, disappointment, loss of friends, physical limitations, gossip, the realisation that people are not always who they claim to be, the death of a sibling, and the grief of their parents, the hard realities of life.

The four children I have left on earth, hold their heads high, they try, they battle, they persevere, they keep on keeping on,

.....and my one boy in Heaven, well, I am convinced that he is now able to climb mountains as well.


Anonymous said...

The 3 children of yours that i do know. Well, they are great!! Friendly, easy to be with, welcoming and way cute too! Your E said to my S, *every time i see (whatever it was) i really like it*. I am so thankful the Lord brought our families together :-).

Anonymous said...

Hey Amy, I was looking at Hannah's blog for maybe the first time in a year and saw yours. I really need to start one to stay updated. Getting anything done with a wild two year old is almost impossible. We just found out we are having another boy Dec. 5 or earlier. I'm so excited. I hope your doing good and I miss ya'll. Ellen