Friday, June 11, 2010

Our first harvest

Look, look what the Lord has done! Isn't it amazing??? Check out that amazing pea trellis that my man created! He had to extend it three more feet last week because the peas were still reaching for the sky!

Look at these huge beautiful flowers on our pumpkin plants, so very pretty, and check out these peas!

Haven opened some to sneak a look. We think they are ready, what do you think? I've never even shelled fresh peas before, it is all a new and exciting adventure for us! And here are the first of our cherry tomatoes, so juicy and fresh!

I'm already thinking about a fall garden now, I absolutely love this thing they call work. Perhaps that is because I didn't really do any of it.
What are you growing in your garden, do tell??
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Mette said...

Oh, it looks so good! I love fresh peas. They are good to put in a fresh salad. My garden....not much to tell about. Rhubarbs!

thehomespunheart said...

Oh, Amy! It is so very beautiful! I love having a vegetable garden - last year, I invested time and energy and had a wonderful harvest. This year I've been half-hearted and my garden is responding to that.

We've had potatoes, onions and tomatoes though, and a bumper crop of hydrangea blooms! There are about two handfuls of blueberries waiting to ripen and I have two lemons on my new lemon tree.

Your garden is a beautiful testimony of hard work and God's goodness!

Danielle said...

What a beautiful garden!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am excited about our sugar baby pumpkins! I love pumpkins. I love to look at them and i love eatin um too! :-) Your garden is BEAUTIFUL!! tammyp

Ginger said...

This is gorgeous! I have had a lot of lettuce, but that's it. I had to plant in my front bed and in containers because the new dog (since January) traipsed through all my plants out back (ggrrrrhh!), which confirms why I am a CAT person!

Kristie said...

Your garden is amazing!! I hope one day mine will be as glorious. Starting small at the moment with 3 tomato plants, a couple of peppers, rosemary, basil and oregano. I am new to gardening so this is just the start!

New Every Morning said...

Your garden is amazing. So beautiful.
We are growing tomatoes, okra, lettuce (already harvested) and herbs. Our cabbage was eaten by some very hungry bugs. {sigh}
But your garden makes ours look pitiful. ;)