Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hero is spelled DAD

The Father's day card that ElizaJane picked out this year for her Daddy, to go with the straw hat we purchased for those long hot lawn mowing days here in Georgia said, "At our house we spell Hero D-A-D."

Her card is so right on target! Her Daddy is her Hero!

All of these pictures were taken this year, but we have lots more just like 'em for every 22 years that we have had children. Pictures of him being here with us, always being fun! He isn't a I'm to tired, or maybe later, kind of Dad. He has invested his days being available and present.

He plays, he wrestles, he prays, he laughs, he lectures, he admonishes, he coaches, he corrects, he hugs, he cries for, he comforts, he helps, he encourages, he ribs, he punishes, he reads to, he teaches, he compliments, he drives, but whatever it is that he does, he is here, and he has been doing it for 22 years, and he will continue to do it for as many days as the Lord gives him!

In his heart he yearns for his children to love their God with all their hearts, and to follow and serve their God always. That has always been his greatest desire and prayer, and it always will be.

He longs for them to be great men and women of God, not for the eyes of man, but for the glory of their Father in Heaven.

I can say, because I have watched for 22 years, that he always strives to be the best Father he can be, always, and that takes sacrifice. If given the opportunity he would give his life for each of his kids without a moments hesitation.

In essence he does give his life for his kids, every moment of every day, as he works hard to provide for their physical needs, and comes home and provides for their spiritual and emotional needs as well.

At our house Hero is spelled D-A-D!


Ginger said...

THis is just lovely, Amy. That last picture is one-of-a-kind.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful tribute to your man! And a beautiful testimony of you love for him <3. tammy

Danielle said...

What a sweet tribute! I'm so thankful for godly dads... we don't have near enough of them. You and your children are truly blessed!

Julia said...

Awwwwww.....that's really sweet. He looks like a great guy! I will try to do a tutorial on making the 2D paper cut portraits (sherensnittes) sometime soon. They really aren't hard. I learned from the blog called DudeCraft. He's on my side bar. It was way back before Christmas, I think, or maybe just after that he did this post. He had a video and everything. His tut would be lots better than what I can do. Things are crazy around my house lately.

Julia said...

I don't see anyplace to become a follower on your blog. I will try to remember to check back with you. Where in GA do you live? We are in SE TN.