Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This year was different

We have never really made much of Memorial Day at our house. Michael usually has had to work, and we have usually just done school, as we do every other day. I try always to remember to thank God for our service men and women, both past and present, but it has never been a day set apart much from the others.

This year was different.

We made plans to do it the American way, and we got tickets to see our favorite team, the Braves , play baseball. We ate popcorn, and salty soft pretzels. We drank to much ice cold Coke, and sang "Take me out to the Ballgame". We laughed, we clapped, and we did the Tomahawk chop while hooting like Indians. Some of us got a bit too much sun, and all of us participated in the wave. We sang The National Anthem, and God Bless America, and I watched as my men removed their hats in respect. We watched Chipper hit one out of the park, and we cheered our Braves to a valiant victory over the Phillies.

We had fun!

See that white dot above my oldest Dakota's left shoulder? That was the spot that Hank Aaron's ball hit when he broke Babe Ruth's home run record. The old stadium is now the parking lot. Michael was present that record breaking day, and we listened as he reminisced about precious childhood memories of seeing the Braves play.

All of this was fun, and nothing can replace good times together as a family. The ribs after that were also truly delicious, but my favorite time of the whole terrific day, was the pre-game show.

The Braves organization honored our war veterans, both the living, and those that are not. The baseball diamond was circled by men and women of the armed services in uniform, surrounding war heros that represented each branch. beyond the bases stood the families of many of our heroes that are either deployed, or are not coming home. There was a movie presentation saluting our heros on the huge screen that sets Turner field apart from most others, a very moving presentation. The whole stadium seemed to stand at attention, and listen.

I was truly struck by the sacrifice our service people have made, and continue to make, as I enjoyed the very freedoms that they so bravely fight, and have fought for.

I was stuck by the pictures of men the ages that my sons now are, and thought of the Mommas, and wives, and babies, that those young men left behind.

I was reminded of my own Fathers service in the Korean war, where as just an 18 year old boy he flew for the very first time, was shipped miles and miles from home, to a country he knew very little about, to see and experience unspeakable things. He has raised four children, Is Grandpa to 11, and great grandpa to 5. He is a strong, and brave, and Godly man, but his service to our country did not come without sacrifice.

Lots of men have done what my Father did, good men, some that lost more then their boy hood, and I was moved, and reminded, as I enjoyed precious moments with my family, that all that we so flippantly revel in, was purchased at a very high price.

So, I just wanted to say thank you, if you are one of those who have served, is serving, or is going without the one you love because of service. Thank you!

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Jen Q. said...

Thanks for the new posts. I've been wondering about all of you! Amy, please send me your email address. Thanks! jennifer@quattlebaumcommunications.com

char said...

These pictures make me smile. Thanks for sharing:) char