Thursday, June 10, 2010

Our Georgia garden

When we moved into our home last August, this is what the garden looked like. It was hard to even see that there were raised beds underneath all that mess!

This is the result of a good machete' job, and then a bush hog, or something, not sure, but it was a lot of work that I courageously and appropriately supplied the lemonade refreshments for.

Then my Dad, aka farmer Cliff, came for a visit the week after Easter, and invited his friend Tiller to tag along. Michael sacrificed the use of his hands for the next three days to make sure our clay, I mean soil, was all soft and fluffy. Apparently that big boy Tiller was so shaky that my sweet guys hands were temporarily numbed. Not a good thing, but we all made our sacrifices for the cause. I mean it was no picnic stirring those gallons of cold drink, and hauling it out to these two sweat hogs every time they got a bit parched, believe you me!

This is what we had after all the hard work, and then us girls swept in for all the fun planting stuff.

It took a few minutes for us to "dig in" and get our hands dirty, literally, but we did it, and it was really fun!

Grandpa supervised, as neither Michael or I really knew anything about planting a garden. It was amazing to me how quickly it all was accomplished. The girls were so excited, and took every instruction Grampa Cliff gave very seriously.

We planted lots of tomatoes, both beef steak and cherry, and even some heirloom. They are what I'm most looking forward to, as there is nothing quite like a vine ripe tomato on a hot summer day! We also planted green beans, Lima beans, peas, squash, watermelon, sweet potatoes, pumpkins both white and orange, banana peppers, several lettuces, carrots, radishes, beets, and gourds. Wow, that's a lot! I think I am forgetting something......It will come to me eventually.

Tomorrow I'll give you a peek at how it all came out of the ground!
So much fun!


Anonymous said...

I love a garden and chickens and clothes on the line!!! That's lovely livin. tammyp

Ginger said...

The girls will forever cherish their Grandpa's gardening lessons.
I love EJ's boots!

inadvertent farmer said...

What a wonderful restoration! Great job...numb hands and all.

You should join our kinderGARDENS would fit in with all of us other crazy parent gardeners with kids in tow!

Yes camel knees are a little wacky! Kim