Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We went on a little excursion to Zoo Atlanta Saturday, and learned a lot about Panda Bears. Did you know that they are solitary animals, and don't like to socialize with other Pandas? The female Panda is also only fertile 2 days every year, and that is the only time she "associates" with other Pandas! As the zoo lady put it, "The father Panda leaves, never to be seen again, and that suits the momma Panda just fine!" Kinda sad, huh? We stood only about two feet from this cutie, and if it wasn't for the thick glass that separated us, I would have been a bit freaked out. He tore into those stalks of bamboo like nobodies business, and his teeth were quite ginormous!

My favorite critter (there I go with the Ellie Mae Clampitt voice again) was this red Panda. We didn't learn anything about him, cause there was no zoo lady at this part, but he was soooooo darling. I like to think that red pandas mate for life, and have lots of children, and live happily ever after. If you know differently, don't feel the need to be Johnny raincloud, and rain on my parade. It is my red Panda fantasy, and it ain't hurtin nobody, okay??

My secondest favorite was the giraffes. They are just so cool! The eyelashes, and the nobs on their heads, and the perfectly imperfect patterns on their hides, and the necks, what about those necks???? Do we see a creative creator in these creatures or what?? AMAZING!!

The flamingos were not very pink, and they stank, and they are always being rude to one another. Why is that, why are they always fighting? I just don't get it, if I got to where pink feathers everyday, and eat shrimp to my hearts content, I think I would be in a pretty good humor all the time. Wouldn't you?

Zoo Atlanta was a big treat, and oh so fun.

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Caitlin said...

I read somewhere that flamingos are actually almost white normally, but they eat so much shrimp it makes them pink! I love giraffes too, to me they just show so well how God is the truth. How could someone look at the way their blood pumps up their neck and think that they "evolved" that way? God made them that way! Giraffe fun fact: they have a 22 inch tongue that they use to clean their ears out with.

Dawn said...

OMG-laughing at the giraffe fact about their tongue being long enough to clean out their ears. YUCK!!
At the zoo in Columbia, we always hold our noses until we are past those stinky flamingos!

SweetCaroline said...

Miss Amy!

You have made me happy for putting a giraffe picture up...they are my favorite animal! This is a great pic!