Friday, June 4, 2010

morning color

This is our first year in this -new to us- home. It has been such a unique blessing to experience the seasons for the first time in a home that the former owners loved and took pride in. The flowers pop up in unexpected places like surprise presents from the earth. When we moved in at the end of last summer there were just a few of these pretty lilies blooming. We had no idea what a display they would give us in the spring. I love to look out in the morning at all the color, and I really LOVE cutting fresh flowers to enjoy inside.

These vibrant orange lilies stand straight and tall, almost like bushes. They were kind of unsightly this winter, and honestly we thought, not knowing what they were, of mowing them down. I am so glad we didn't!

At the end of the sidewalk are two rose bushes. One of them has bloomed wildly, with showy pink blossoms. I think it is done now. The smaller of the two is a bit tardy, but now has beautiful lavender blooms. I have never seen anything like it, It was definitely worth the wait!

I am a bit sorry for the old owners, that they are not getting to enjoy the fruits of their labor, but I truly love our new lawn full of color.

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Danielle said...

Beautiful! What lovely surprises!

Dawn said...

Oh golly, that is all gorgeous!

Lisar said...

What beautiful flowers and what a wonderful thing to surprise you for Spring...