Monday, June 7, 2010

Hilton Head Island through my lens now

We recently spent some time on sunny Hilton Head Island to visit some family. Michael and I lived there for the first year of our marriage, and then just a few miles off the Island for about the next ten years. I had forgotten the beauty that is at every turn.

These pictures were taken at a park named Dolphin Head. It is a bluff overlooking the Ocean with a playground, a small beach, and a picnicking area. About 15 years ago my oldest son was in the first grade, and he attended a private christian school on the Island. His class had their Thanksgiving party at this park, and my husband was asked to be an Indian.:) I remember Dakota wearing an Indian costume as well. What I don't remember is ever noticing the beauty of this park.

I don't remember ever seeing the white sandy beaches, or observing the Dolphins at play. I didn't remark over the ancient giant live oak trees covered with Spanish moss, or the myriad of natural palms, and palmettos that rustle whenever the breezes pick up. The mating snowshoe crabs in the quiet surf eluded me, as did the osprey soaring high above, spying out their next meal.

For me, that is all part of maturing. I appreciate the world around me more then I did then, but my life is a bit less hectic then it was back then as well. To me, back then, it was just another park, just another place to gather. The first time Michael drove me to HHI to meet his family, back when we were still dating, I remember thinking that the golden marsh grass that he was so excited to show me, was just a swamp, and that the natural colored architecture was boring. Oh wait, I still think that. I did learn to love the marsh however, and even miss that distinct pluff mud smell from time to time.

Is there anything you notice now more then you did 15 years ago?
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Anonymous said...

I have noticed life is short! The years are flyin by and i seem to want more time to with my family, (even though we are basically together 24/7 ,except for the pappa). Life is so good, it is so stinkin hard sometimes, but it is good. tammyp

Jen Q. said...

Mommies never stop. I certainly didn't notice that fifteen years ago!