Thursday, June 24, 2010

Have you ever been re-gifted?

Have you ever been regifted, that is, have you ever received a gift that you knew was a rejected gift that the reciever, who was now the giver, was regifting to you?

I think I have, on a number of occasions, I guess you can never be sure.

Does it bug you? It kinda does me, but I guess it shouldn't.

One time I received a dock with speakers for an ipod as a Christmas gift. Only thing is, a didn't have an ipod at the time! Don't you think that is kind of a random gift, if you don't just know the person has an ipod, and needs a dock for it???

I guess I should just be grateful, shouldn't I?

I think the only time you should regift, is if you get a gift and immediately think of someone in your life that would love it. Then, I think it should only be regifted for a 'just for fun' kinda thing, not for a birthday or Christmas kinda thing. Or perhaps, it is okay to regift when it's for someone you don't know, like those obligatory office parties where you draw a name out of a hat. But I don't really like those obligatory gift thingys either, what is the purpose of that anyway?

Do I have to many gift giving hang ups??? probably!

Isn't the point of gift giving, that you are picking and purchasing, or making, something especially for that unique individual?? Maybe that isn't the point for everyone.

Okay, I think I'm rethinking this whole regifting thing.

Maybe I am just to rigid.

Speaking of regifting, I was recently regifted, and it didn't bother me one tiny bit.

ElizaJane approached me quietly in my bedroom just last week, tenderly delivering this fancy red heart box, and with a tiny voice, and the sweetest of expressions, and the sincerest of hearts she chirped, "Momma, I thought you might like this".

I thought to myself, isn't this the box from the chocolates I gave her last Valentines Day??? Oh, I quickly assessed in my momma brain, she has put something special in the pretty box, something she made just for her Momma.

Upon opening the box I discovered this, five half eaten chocolates, 4 month old chocolates, chocolates that I thought had been relished and devoured months ago!

"UHHHHHHHH, wellllllllllll, ummmmmmmm, yeah, Liza, thanks......ummmmm that was really thoughtful of you sweety", I stammered.

"I just found them, and I thought you might like em, cuz, well cuz, I know how much you like chocolate. I didn't really care for them, but I tried them all. I thought you might want to try them too." her voice was hushed, and sweet, and proud, as if she was sharing a secret between just the two of us.

"Thank you sweety, that was so sweet to think of Momma! Chocolates are my favorite!" I swooned. We shared a long hug, and she was off like a pixie to bless the next unexpected victim with her charms.

Yes, I think I am rethinking the whole regifting thing.

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Anonymous said...

Those are the very best re-gifted gifts! You got yourself some sweety pie girls.