Sunday, June 13, 2010

His plan

We detected a strong odor as we pulled up behind the grey sedan at the red light. Her license read IAMA 10, and she was on the phone as her fluffy white dog looked on. It wasn't until the light turned red that we realised IAMA 10 was in trouble. The car behind us beeped impatiently as it passed around us both. We pulled up beside her and my passenger side window went down. "need some help?" I asked. "I ..I ...I think so", she replied nervously. " I'm 40 minutes from home, and my husband is in Michigan, and I can't get hold of my friend, and it just shut down, we've been thinking about a new car, oh I never should have left home!", she rattled off. Michael put our van in park, and turned on the flashers. They opened the car hood together under the beating sun, as if a bright red button might appear that would say push me, and would magically restore the cars function. No button appeared. Kartwright joined Michael to push the stalled car into the turn lane together, in nice khaki pants and dress shoes. I too exited the car, and in my heels reentered on the drivers side to move our vehicle out of traffic as well.

Several minutes passed as I watched in the rear view mirror, and occasionally glanced at my watch. Eventually they all three began to walk toward our vehicle, and I asked Haven to join ElizaJane in the backseat to make room for our new passenger. Cheryl was her name she said, and her small fur ball was Wendy. It soon became obvious as Michael followed her directions that church was no longer our plan today. We shared pleasant conversation as we drove through the beautiful Georgia countryside, and I watched the minutes tick by. I texted Dakota to let he and Maria know where we were, so they wouldn't worry, and I sat back in silent submission to a God who often has a different plan then I do.

We dropped Cheryl and Wendy off at their desired destination, knowing the service was deep into sermon time by now, and we would only be a distraction if we tried to go, not to mention we had no idea how far we were from the church. We proceeded to drive the now more than 50 minutes home.
Once home we all changed out of Sunday clothes and I started lunch. Dakota soon called to let us know they were on their way, We have made sharing Sunday dinner a sort of tradition now. Over oven fried chicken and potato salad we laughed and joked as always we do in this house. Dakota was anxious to tell us about the sermon, "it was awesome" he said with animation, "I wish you would have heard it, I just know you would have LOVED it!"

The topic: The good Samaritan!

As I tucked the girls in for that night, we prayed for Cheryl, and Wendy, and we thanked God for the opportunity to serve Him, even though we didn't understand why it had to be on Sunday morning.

It is so good to know that even when we don't understand, He always has a plan!


thehomespunheart said...

Hi Amy,

I'm so glad that God provided you an opportunity to be such a blessing to someone else! Having just been on the receiving end of car help recently - it was a joy to hear the "other side" !!


Anonymous said...

A beautiful illustration of James 1;22* But be doers of the word, and not hearers only*. Livin it, that's what i am talkin about!! :-)tammyp