Saturday, June 5, 2010

She's eleven

Eleven years ago today Michael and I were the recipients of a precious and unique gift. God blessed us with a sweet baby girl, and we named her Haven Dorothy. Haven means safe place, shelter from the storm. This unusual female gift has been just that, a place of sweet rest from the storms of life, a calm and welcoming spot that warms and nourishes our souls. our Sweet Haven. Dorothy means gift of God, and that she truly is!

I can hardly believe that eleven years have passed, and yet I see her growing into a young lady before our eyes. We often call her Girlie Girl, as she is the picture of femininity. She can also wrestle with the best of them (the best being her two older brothers), and is stubborn and resilient (just like her Daddy, that girl!). She is the lover of all things pale aqua, American girls, head bands, and Nancy Drew. She collects tiny Koala Bear figurines, and miniature tea sets, and organises for fun! She dreams of having her own big family one day, loves to read, and is like a fish in the water.

I never have to remind her to clean her room, or put her school books where they belong. She puts her clothes out the night before, and has taught her little sister to do the same. She is the first to rise in the morning, and the first to finish her chores. She is always ready with a hug, and an encouraging word. She tells me I am beautiful almost every day, and pines for her Daddy whenever he is away.

She is caught in the space between child and women, and wears it beautifully. She is gloriously innocent, and un-touched by others opinion of her. She loves the Lord, and seeks to please him. She has an easy smile, and a tender manner.

Thank you God for such a precious gift.
We will cherish her all the days of our lives!

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Lisar said...

Happy Birthday Haven...hope you have a most wonderful and blessed Birthday today....from the land of Koalas

Sweston said...

Happy Birthday Haven!!! We miss seeing you!!
the Westons

Ginger said...

Beautiful---Koalas were my college (all female) mascot, and I think they are adorable, too.

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday sweet Haven. I love the pictures your Mom posted of you~beautiful!! Miss tammyp

Jen Q. said...

Amy, your words are a beautiful gift to sweet Haven.

Sean and Joli said...

She is beautiful and has a beautiful name. She sounds so much like my oldest daughter Sean Peyton.