Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The smell of GOODWILL

So the girls and I did the Goodwill thing yesterday, after Classical Conversations. The Ladies at CC were talking about the great things they find, at this one, and at that one, and I got the bug. Now, I'm not going to lie to ya, and this is kinda snobby, but I told a new friend just the other day,(hi Christie) that I keep it real hear on A Snip of Goodness, so I must not tell a lie, but.........whispering, I don't really like goodwill....... I don't Okay???? It smells..... it does,..... and everything is....well.....you know.....used, and the kids touch everything, and the stuff is .....well.....you know......used. So, I really just look at the stuff, and not the clothes so much. I look for stuff to redo, or repurpose.....well.....you know.....reuse! I did pick up a few wool sweaters this time, for a project I have up here in the recesses of my brain. I will share if it works, if not, you are out of luck. I keep it real here, but I don't have to share all my failures.

Haven found an American Girls puzzle. It actually has four unopened puzzles inside! She was pretty excited, as she is an American Girl freak! She also found a junior zither.....what is that you ask? It's kind of like a small autoharp. It is missing two strings, but the sound it makes is really pretty. By the time we arrived home, she had visions of playing a REAL harp. "That would be really cool" I encouraged, and told her all about how her Daddy and I had a harp at our wedding, and how Dakota's new friend Erica plays the harp, all the while thinking, how much would a REAL harp cost?!?!

We found some books, mostly for the girls. I found a real silver water pitcher, love it! I have three now, maybe a collection is in the making, and I found Kartwright a beautiful button down polo shirt. Hey, he looks just like his Daddy, he might as well dress like him! Oh yeah, ElizaJane found some brand new bright pink rubber boots, with orange soles, soooo cute! Her favorite feature is that they have "handles".

Sooo, I guess we didn't do to bad at the store I don't really like, but love just the same!!! It does smell though.....come on, you know it does!

so now for our new November game, please join in..........

Today I am grateful for:

-stinky stores with really crazy things, at crazy good prices
-a nice warm and cozy dry house, with a nice warm bed
-the sweet art work that Haven leaves all around to "decorate"
-Strangers that stop their busy day to stop and compliment a little girl on her shiny bright pink rubber boots, and really make her day
-my health, and the ability to do what I do every day


Ginger said...

I didn't really like the Goodwill here either, but when Monica told me they were having a 50% off sale back in the summer, I had to go. I picked up a few picture frames. I haven't been back yet. People go to consignment shops all the time. I think a portion of it is the word GOODWILL. Afterall, if you wash the clothes (maybe several times) they will be fine.

Today I am thankful that I have the day off and I am off to get in line to vote in a few minutes.

Lisar said...

Well, I am somewhat with you Amy...I have a friend who buys clothes for herself and her children from Op Shops (they are called Op(portunity)Shops here in Oz...and I really don't see the attraction....everytime I ever go into one, I really can never find anything I want or need....and they tend to make me sneeze....but I do frequent them to take my old stuff...and the volunteers who help run them are lovely...anyway, today I thankful that I have just had 4 days off...we had a public holiday here in Melbourne today and I took Monday off also...and I am thankful to have been able to catch up with friends over the weekend...Hugs, Lisa

Dawn said...

So funny Amy...I took Jennifer in the Goodwill here for her first time the other day. As we approached the door, I turned around to her and said, "Hold your nose." She laughed, but soon found out what I meant! We went in there to look for jeans, cause I can;t find jeans for her anywhere that aren't either too tight, too cheaply made, or too low-cut. Sure enough, we found 3 pair of good old Levis, for $4.99 a pr. She was happy. But when we got to the checkout, the sweet girl working said, "Oh, I can't charge her that much. The price for childrens jeans is $2.99 a pr." I told her they came off the ladies' rack, but she insisted. So Jen got 3 pr of broken in Levis for a whopping $8.97!!! Then she was REALLY happy!

Today I am thankful for
-the privilege of voting
-a day of from school, just because
-a hair appt later today, for these roots ya know
-dear freinds whose blogs I read every day

love ya,Dawn

Danielle said...

Today I am thankful for...

~cold wet noses from little puppies saying Hi
~little boys who are now sick with me and want to snuggle under my big blanket (even if it is at 3 am)
~the opportunity to vote and leave the rest in Gods hands

char said...

Of course I don't love Goodwill. It is too expensive. I love the Salvation Army. I know the checkout ladies names! But then again my father used to take me on his bike around the apartment complexes he was the maintenance man at and we would go through the dumpster. Zach will bring me home treasures from the side of the road as well. (Brooke's current bike for example!)Usually I am looking for old children's books. Those are my favorite thing to get. They are so USED, I mean classic. Also staple items like jeans and khaki pants and suit type things for Zach and jeans for Brooke. The younger kid stuff is too worn out usually.

I am thankful for friends who keep it real, sons who like to play with legos while their older siblings are at swim practice, and a small voting precinct... only 1/2 hour wait! char

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Found you at my buddy Homemakerang! I hate a love/hate with the Goodwill too. A certain aroma but sure can find goodies!!!

Joy Cometh in the Morning said...

Today, I am thankful for a son who is realizing the value of family and wishing my mommy arms could reach across the ocean to hug him.

Kathy Eller said...

Thank you for your encouraging comment :)

Almost everything we own, and definately wear was "previosuly owned" Funny thing is I detest all fragances, smells, perfumes...and am kind of a germo phobe.

The "name brand" thrift store chains are usually more expensive. We do our shopping at a privately owned store where the money goes to our local domestic violence shelter....helps takes the sting out of spending money.

We actually just got home from our local second hand store. My eight year old just came in beaming over her newest treasure to ask me, "why would someone get rid of this?"

Paige said...

I find it impossible to get the smell out too, even washing in Borax and line drying it does not get the smell out of anything from SalVAY...So I don't buy things to wear, just to sew or making into something else. Sheet's into market bags for example...
Glad you found some fun stuff. I like to go just to look too...just to get out and know I won't spend too much money in the process.