Sunday, November 9, 2008

What are you grateful for?

Join me in Gratefulness in November, and list what you are grateful for today!

Today I am grateful for:
- The fact that I serve the God of second chances (and third and forth and.....)
- My country, where it is still legal to worship together in a public place
- Creativity, and the ability to express myself
- My bible
- Babies, they are everywhere, and they brighten life!


Ginger said...

Today I am thankful for:
*My dad--today he is 81 and we were able to take him and Mother out to eat for lunch yesterday.
*gorgeous fall leaves on Greenpond Hwy. on the way to Walterboro yesterday
*pretty good health insurance
*having a green thumb
*still having the ability to worship freely

Michele Norman said...

I'm thankful for...
-my pastor. That man can preach it as well as live it!
-beautiful fall weather
-God's redemptive love
-a good man who stays with the sick child so I can worship
-puppy breath

Lisar said...

Today I am grateful for:
- the birdlife which is abundant in my garden and makes me smile as I watch them foraging
- the wild rabbits who love to visit...they enjoy the greenery in the garden
-Reminders all around me of God's creation and beauty

Dawn said...

Today I am thankful for
-a sweet 13 yr old daughter who stayed home with her under-the-weather siblings so I could go to church.
-my pastor-like Michele. I was nearly blown away today-it was awesome!
-getting an unexpected phone call from my oldest boy-pure joy to hear his voice.
-making secret Christmas plans. :)
-seeing my hubby's hand improving.