Tuesday, November 18, 2008

swap goodies

My partner for the Sisters' Shoebox Swap for Fall, was Michelle from Room to Bloom. Thank You Michelle for all the goodies! Michelle is a fellow scrapbooker, and in addition to some scrapping goodness, she also made me a very cute mini book, just waiting for photos and journaling to make it mine. Great job Michelle!!! She also included some votive candles that smell super festive, as well as some pumpkin stickers, a mother's prayer book, yummy smelling round canister candle (that angel you see), a rubber stamp, some polka dot fabric, and some beautiful hand stamped note cards, with the cutest little owls you've ever seen! My favorite thing she sent, was the pastel striped A. I added a bit of cute ribbon, and it is now at home with my collection of A's. Thank you so much Michelle!! If you bounce on over to Michelle's blog, you can see what I sent her! I hope so any way, I haven't heard from her, so I hope it arrived safely.

This swap was sponsored by Monica, at The Homespun Heart, and Carrie over at With all that I've been given. I hope you will visit them as well.

Now for Our November Thankful game, if you are new to this blog, please join in. We are simply listing those things we are thankful for this day, on each day of November. This exercise has been so good for me. It has made me so very thoughtful every day for those things I am grateful for. Soooo, what are you grateful for??

Today I am grateful for:

- swap goodness

- the friends I am making with this blog

- The twin size (teee hee) heating blanket I received as a birthday present from ElizaJane, that made climbing into bed a delightful experience last night.

- The limitless encouragement I receive from my husband

- The baby boys growing inside both Michael's little sis Jennifer, and my niece, Hannah, due to arrive just one month apart, and the honor it is to pray for their new lives everyday even before they are born!

By the way,

Michelle, I love your idea about the burlap on the ceiling!!! I once covered the lower part of my red dining room with batting and then fabric, everyone doubted, but they loved it in the end! Go with your instincts!

Monica, I can't picture the Lincoln log tree, but it sounds like an incredibly cute idea! Please let us know if you do it, and how it turns out if you do!

Ginger, boy I read you wrong in the cold department didn't I? Shame on you for not going to the beach girl, do you know how many people would give their right arm, to live at the beach??

Everybody check out Buzzings of a Queen bees blog, and you will see why she likes my faucets from my bathtub fear post!!!! too funny!


Ginger said...

Today I am thankful for:

A God who is faithful even in the face of adversity at work.........'nuff said!

thehomespunheart said...

Cute swap goodies, Amy! I love the scrappy stuff and the polka dot fabric!

Today I'm thankful for:

* Yesterday we had such a good day together - everything worked smoothly and I had patience!

* Yes, I'm also thankful for swap goodies - I've been enjoying my box!

* Time with God in the mornings.

* Anticipation of planning fun things for my littles in December!

Have a great day,

Michele Norman said...

I've heard about swaps, but would have no idea how to do one. I bought the burlap, so it's gonna happen!

Today's thankful list:
-that the far-away daughter will be home in less than a month!
-that said daughter's return is causing us to work on house projects
-that my kids like each other
-that my husband loves to do yardwork

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I love that photo of your "A"s. Especially that brown one made of...what is that...grapevine? It is so cute! Thanks for the little shout out today! We definitely have similar taste! :)

Alana said...

What a fun swap! Thanks for your comment on my blog! I wanted to stop by and say "hello". Love your A collection, I need one of those!

Dawn said...

I am thankful for homeschooling. I know I've said it already, but I really love being with my kids and teaching them.
I am very thankful for the first graders that my hubby and I teach every Sunday morning. They are a bright spot in my week, and I just adore every one of them.
I am thankful for the best husband in the world. He understands me, which is no easy task most of the time.
I am thankful for my 22 month old son. He is my baby, and I can't get enough of him.

*carrie* said...


Enjoyed seeing your fun goodies. Those owl cards are so cute!

Glad you and Monica have been able to spend time together recently.

Michelle said...


So glad you enjoyed your box of goodies, I had so much fun putting it together for you!

My box came tonight as I was cleaning up in the kitchen from dinner at exactly 7pm!! My daughters and I had a blast opening it up, and finding all the treasures! The only problem was, I couldn't keep their hands out of the box! I love everything! I have recently been stocking up on scrapbook supplies since my scrapbook room is now finished, so I was very excited to see all of the stickers/embellishments you sent! Thanks so much!!! I need to go post about it on the blog now!