Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Who is that Frosty Freak?

I hope to be sharing some crafty goodness that I have been working on, in the days ahead, to hopefully inspire you with some handmade Christmas love. Those wool sweaters are busy being "felted" at this very moment in hopes of being recreated from their former musty and pilled selves, into something far more fun and hopefully beautiful.

Soooo, of the "treasures" we picked up on our recent trip to the ol' smelly Goodwill, that I forgot to mention was a VHS tape of 'Frosty the Snowman'. I remember watching it on TV every year as a child, but as an adult, I'm sorry, but that is a silly story. In short, the kids steal a hat from a defunct magician and put it on their snowman, who then comes alive. Fear of melting causes the fluffy freak to get into a refrigerated train bound for the North Pole, but why he takes the little girl with him is never answered. She then proceeds to freeze to death to which he replies, and I quote, "I better do something", no duh snow weirdo. So then he gets off the train and carries her around in the snow until Santa saves them! There is never any mention of the worried parents back in Warmville, or wherever it was that it was cold enough to build a snowman, but apparently not cold enough to sustain him. In the end Frosty freak melts anyway, to which Satan, oops, I mean Santa makes some weak attempt to comfort the distraught children with something like "he will come again each time it snows" Oh yeah, and that crazy magician guy?? Santa tells him if he keeps asking for his hat back he will never get another Christmas gift as long as he lives!! What's up with that??Where do I start people.....this story is the lamest attempt at entertainment that I have seen in , well, like forever. The song doesn't say any of that stuff!! Frosty is ruined for me forever now! He has been reduced to nothing but a hat thieving, child abducting, reincarnationist. And another thing, why don't I remember any of that? It was as if I had never seen it before!

On another note, ElizaJane is wearing her pink and orange rubber boots all the time now. How long do you suppose that will last? She is praying for rain, so there will be puddles. Oh the joy that $3.99 can bring. I now heart smelly Goodwill, I do, in spite of it's odor.

Haven put together the first of the four puzzles today. She also has decided she hearts smelly Goodwill. She has not given up her harp aspirations yet, however, the zither has been relegated to a high shelf so as to prevent the little sis access. I am afraid that is most likely where the harp playing dream will end up as well.

sooooo, lets play the game.....please join in! Listing the things I am grateful for everyday for the month of November, has proved to be such a blessing to me. I am also so encouraged by your participation, so even if you have never commented before, show yourself.

Today I am grateful for:
- a God that is in control
- healthy children
- a grocery store nearby
- the sweet smell of newly bathed children (you are so right Dawn! I miss you)
- the freedom we have to express our beliefs

Go have a great day, and thank Him for what you are grateful for!


Dawn said...

I am glad you are doing this, Amy. This morning, I need to be forced to be thankful for something! LOL!

Okay, here goes...
-for toddlers who laugh when I draw a smiley face on their paper
-for hand therapists who try to help my husband's hand heal
-for the privilege of homeschooling, even though sometimes I want to scream(!)
-for blogging friends, so that I can keep up with them :)

Paige said...

We were at CBC the same time you were there. I knew your dear Crocket as he occasionally visited us in the 2 year old Sunday School class that I was in charge of for a year.
Paige (Whitley)

Michele Norman said...

Hey Amy,
I guess it's time to "show myself" by sharing gratefulness.
-I'm thankful to be able to rest in the arms of a God who knows the future.

-that I get to hang out with my kids all day, and that we like each other

-that God made such a cool place to live. Huge oaks, moss, it.

-that I have a kid who sings praise songs all that too.

Joy Cometh in the Morning said...

Today I am thankful that I could take a truckload of MY smelly old stuff to Sally Anne's Boutique (Salvation Army). My garage is looking pretty good.

Lisar said...

I have never seen the Frosty movie...and sounds like I didn;t miss anything!!LOL.

I am finding these posts very today I am particularly thankful for:

*the internet....with all of its potential problems, I am continually thankful for the new friends I have made and am making through this medium
*the way God is using his people all over the world to encourage each other in difficult circumstances

Ginger said...

I loved Frosty as a child as well as Rudolph. I was so scared of the Abominable Snowman! Now, they look so sappy, but I still watch them each's tradition.

I am thankful for:
*my parents' health (I just learned today of the death of a dear mother of an old friend who was just a year younger than my dad.)
*supportive friends
*great coupon deals
*a God who knew Obama would be elected and is still in charge
*my cat's longevity (19 or 20--I've had her 17 years)

thehomespunheart said...

I'm thankful for:
~ you; it was such a fun time spent with you today! :) I especially loved wandering through the booths figuring out your style and how to make all those goodies! :)
~ home
~ health; energy
~ God's generous provision
~ trust in God being in control!