Thursday, November 6, 2008

Yoglet eating sea life

What is this you ask??? well, Sally Seal, and Sally Sea Lion of course, eating their dinner! Who else would be in the empty high chair in my kitchen??? Please notice the silver and napkin waiting at their disposal! In case you couldn't tell, that is cheese and Yoglet (yogurt) on their plate! Apparently, that's what sea creatures eat, when they don't have any arms!

I have so enjoyed your playing along in my thankful November game! It has been so encouraging to hear what you are thankful for, and very fun for me to write out my 5 a day, sooooooo, lets play!

Today I am grateful for:

- a husband that works really hard, so that I can stay home with my kids

- a friend that will drive a long way just to have lunch with me. (thanks Monica)

- That the Lord made our world in color, when he could have just made it all in black and white

- Old Sandy Patty songs that bring back fun memories

- The Christmas decorations coming out in the stores. I know it's early, but it is fun any way.


Dawn said...

You need to figure out a game for December if it means you will keep blogging everyday!! LOL!
Okay, here we go for today. (and are we supposed to be doing 5?)
-my 3 1/2 yr old who says to me, "Mama, I NOT a baby. I a BIG dirl."
-my 21 month old who lets me kiss his sweet chubby cheeks all day long
-my hubby who always thinks the best of me even though he knows the worst
-another day to homeschool my precious children
-friends who help me make Christmas presents for my kids(thanks Michele!)

Danielle said...

~smores made in the microwave to make a happy lunch break

~tissues - not only are they disposable, they have lotion:-)

~couch - where else would I keep all the laundry

~lots of windows on the sunny side of the house...especially on a rainy day

thehomespunheart said...

So glad the Sallys are well fed and cared for! :)

Today, I'm thankful for:
~ David; his support, encouragement and love. His hard work so I can be at home.
~ Our home - I love being here!
~ Creativity - I'm so excited to craft tomorrow!
~ Christmas - Jesus' Birth; an opportunity to celebrate; the magical feeling of the season