Friday, November 21, 2008

camera case tutorial

I mentioned earlier in the week that I was the happy recipient of a brand spankin new PINK Sony Cybershot!! I requested for my birthday, a camera that I could toss in my bag, and take along where ever life might take me. I LOVE my Nikon D80, and no disrespect to her, after all, she does make me look like I actually know sumpin bout photography, but she is a bit on the
impractical, and lets just say it like it is folks, (whispers) she is a bit hefty!
That being said, my new Miss Priss, could not endure the pit of despair (otherwise known as my purse) without a bit of protection. I said to myself, "self, let us make a cover for said Priss Pot".
I have been collecting 100% wool sweaters of late. And, can I just say, that is not an easy thing to do down here in the heart of sand, surf, and sunshine. I have been collecting them for another project, yet to be revealed, well, several projects!
anyhoooooo, I was looking around for something cushy to protect my new pink purse pal, when it came to me! Felted wool is cushy, felted wool is cute, felted wool protects, felted wool people....I am all over it, and in all of 15 minutes tops, (not including taking all these fab photos) I have, what I think is a totally wicked camera case! That might be a slight over statement!
Lets get started SHALL we????

Shrink a wool sweater using HOT water and a HOT dryer!

Cut off a sleeve (the neck is for a different project, ignore that!)

Sew down the middle.

Cut slits down the sides....remember, felted wool doesn't fray, that's the beauty of it!

Sew on a looped piece of elastic that fits snuggly around your camera.

Sew down the edges on the elastic sides.
The scissors are just there to hold down the other side so you can see.

Fold over the cuff.

This is what it looks like on the back side, nice and secure.

This is what it looks like with the camera in it.
Fold in one side.

Wrap the elastic strap around it.

Embellish it with a yo yo and button, or whatever you have that is cute!
I hope you enjoyed the tutorial, and I hope you will try it.
Now, let's play our November thankful game, please join in. We only have 10 more days to go!
Today I am grateful for:
- My sewing machine
- My families encouragement
- Kartwright's flag football, and the enjoyment he gets from it
- Hide and seek in the dark last night
- Frozen biscuits (i just can't make them that good)
What is it you are thankful for today? Please share!


Karin said...

Cool idea! I've got a bunch of felted sweaters lying around, this would be the perfect project for them!

Michele Norman said...

Lindsay was telling me of the great thrift stores in her cold, cold neck of the woods. Cheap, wintry stuff. If you want, I can ask her to look for wool sweaters for you. I'm sure that there are tons of them. Love the camera, by the way. I'm hoping for a new camera for my birthday too.

Thankful for:
-email and other internet useful!
-passing along the old family recipes to the far away daughter. Weird, this came way too soon!
-friends who tell me the truth.
-that my good husband thinks I'm so great..HA!

Dawn said...

Lovin that camera case!! So cute!
Today I am thankful for
-time spent with an old friend last night
-Subway, which fed said friend and I so cheaply
-hand me downs for my kids
-Leslie Sansone...I can exercise inside with my kids

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

You are so crafty! I can't wait to see what else you come up with for those wool sweaters. I am intrigued!

Ginger said...

I am thankful for:
*my hair that finally came back after chemo~~it's different, but it's hair
*God who is in control
*pizza delivery~~~don't normally partake of it, but it's nice when hurried
*a son who wants to protect me
*good people in this evil world where the evil dominate

thehomespunheart said...

super cute camera case - yes, let's take Michele up on her offer to look for sweaters in the northwest!!! I bet they have wool cute sweaters!

Ok, thankful:

* my heart is heavy because of some news from my family - but I am thankful in spite of that for providentially arranged doctor's appointments.
* for a trip already planned to CO for Christmas this year.
* for a cabin to enjoy together and create wonderfully fun family memories. May they be a treasure for years to come!
* for snuggly and warm blankets.
* Saturday - enough said.