Monday, November 24, 2008

She's got handles, Sonic's drinks, and a little girl who needs prayer

Could you pray for a 5 year old little girl named Katie today? She was just adopted, and brought here from China a few short weeks ago, and today, she is having extremely serious heart surgery. Her ability to communicate is very limited, and I am sure she is afraid. I recently met her Mom who is an absolute dynamo! Her name is Kim. Please pray for the surgeons, and medical staff, that they will be skilled, as well as compassionate. Pray for full recovery for Katie, and for peace for her new forever family! Thank you!
Here she is, finished, and in her new home. Whattaya think?
These handles weren't what I had envisioned, but at least I found some that fit! Target, can you believe it? No one else had anything close!

Here is the lamp I redid, another one of my smelly store finds. I think it was $6.00. I was going to replace the shade, but then I saw some painted shades at a store, and I thought I would try. First I took out the plastic liner. Remember, it was cracked. Then those ugly sequins and beads. Then I just painted right on the silk fabric. You can't really tell, but it is white and brown striped. the stripes are supposed to be imperfect, and running into each other. I am pleased with how it turned out.

I thought I would share some other shots, of her surroundings.

This is my A collection

And here my sweet Australian cyber friend Lisa, is a Sonic Route 44! They come in all flavors, including my favorites: Cranberry slushie, watermelon Coke, and Lemon berry slushie (on those really Hot days, yum yum!) Lately I have just been getting Coke, but I always feel so boring when I do that! They are mucho big, and they come in a really nice styro non biodegradable cup that stays cold, and doesn't sweat all over. I can hardly pass a sonic without pulling in. Sonic by the way is a drive in/thru fast food restaurant. You can pull up, and order like an old 50's diner. the wait staff deliver your food to your window on roller skates. Not your food, the wait staff, on roller skates I mean. LOL!!! I'm not crazy for their food, but their drink choices are almost limitless!

Next to my yummy drink, is my best friend, when he was but a boy, before I had even met him. He was probably taking some other girl to the drive in then, but that's okay, cuz I snagged him, and boy am I sure glad I did!!

Let's play the November thankful game again!
Today I am grateful for:
- Our foreign blogging friends, (who don't have Sonic, poor things)!
- My Thanksgiving plans, can't wait!!!
- My children's love for reading.
- My heavenly Father, who is a husband to the husbandless, and a Father to the Fatherless
- The fact that, He knows my name, He knows my every thought, He sees each tear that falls, and hears me when I call!

What are you grateful for today????


Lisar said...

I know I left a comment this morning (my time) is now 10pm Monday evening...I should be in bed LOL..however..thanks for explaining the Sonics..who would have thought they'd be drinks!!! (Not Moi!) They sound very yummy though...LOVE how the desk and the lamp turned out...I still want that desk!!! PLEEEEEEEASE :)...and the handles are perfect.. I WILL pray for Katie before I turn out my lights...Tonight I am thankful for:
-a relaxing day at home just pottering
-a fun night with stitching friends
-receiving surprise mail from Overseas (Thanks for thinking of me Amy..have already cut out the fabrics to send on their way)
-for Gods faithfulness to me when I so don't deserve it! Lord help me to draw closer to you and to rely more and more on you..Lisa

Lisar said...

Me again...I meant to say I love the look of your craft room...what is that thing with all the stuff hanging on it? And I do like the look of your fabric stash...and the little storage cannisters and the colanders with things....Ooooo I am such a sticky beak when it comes to peoples craft rooms/studios!!! Thanks for showing us..

Michele Norman said...

Funny, I wanted to know what was on the round hanging rack too! Love what you did to the lamp. Are the handles a matte silver?

Today I'm thankful for...
-a Monday! The freshness of a new week.

-my husband who daily does the same job for over 25 years at the same place of business even when business isn't good.

-library day and the books aren't even overdue!

-the far-away daughter's first holiday away from home. It's really hard for me, but it IS a good thing and I will rejoice at God's goodness to her.

Ginger said...

Today I am thankful for:
**A God who can "kick butt" when He needs to for His people
**The advances in cancer treatments that hopefully may help
Monica's dad.
**One more day at work
**Great cyber-prayer warriors

thehomespunheart said...

Love the handles - and the lamp! Great job!! :)

I'm thankful for:
* A friend to come and watch my littles so I could run errands this morning.
* Yummy smells in the kitchen.
* Another friend sharing her lemons fresh from the tree! And, yummy lemonade for dinner!
* God's faithfulness and precious friends in His family.
* Family