Thursday, November 13, 2008

She's a new women now!

Here she is, my little smelly store treasure, after her extreme makeover. I am loving this Chinese blue color lately, and even though I have nothing else in my house this color, I succumbed to it's taunting. Our office/studio/craft room/ computer space is painted chocolate, but has white wainscoting about 5 feet up. All the furniture in there is dark wood, so the color options, were wide open! The only thing that was not an option was brown. Sooooooo, I just chose what I liked, and here it is.
For those wood lovers out there, I can only say, I am truly sorry. I love painted furniture, especially honey oak, as it is my least favorite. For you this is most likely a make-over gone bad, but for me it is a beautiful transformation. When I find some new pulls, I will post a picture of her in her new home, and I promise it will be a better one! I can't seem to find any pulls that are 2 1/2 inches apart! I'll keep searching.

Here she is open.

Here is my next project, I hope to find a solution to the broken shade.

Here is a close up of the less then beautiful shade, with beads!

Perhaps I will start having Make-over Mondays here at A Snip of Goodness, with all my new smelly store finds!
Now for our November thankful game. Your comments have been so great. They have reminded me also of more things that I have to be thankful for. How about sharing today, along with the things we are thankful for, how this exercise has been helpful, or A Snip of Goodness, if you will. If you have not played along yet, please do. I would love to hear from you! we go
Today I am grateful for:
- My ungrateful cat Jewels, even though all he really does is eat and run, I love him just the same.
- This crazy lamp I have still sitting in my foyer, just because it makes me laugh.
- A husband that can sing "He's got the Mommas and the Papas in his hands" like no other!
- A Father that enjoys spending time with his Grandchildren
- A Mom who still cares about my birthday, even when I don't
Come on, just try it, you'll be glad you did!


Michele Norman said...

I absolutely LOVE the makeover!! I am a big fan of painted furniture. I wish you could provide feedback on my current powder room design dilemma. Sigh, no one is affirming my newest whacko idea.

Today I'm grateful for:
-the whining puppy at my door which replaced the alarm clock that I forgot to set.
-the opportunity to be grateful for things that normally I would complain about, such as whining puppies at my door.
-that Normans can see the humorous side of everything. We laugh a lot around here.
-that God gives me opportunities to serve others.
-for good health.

char said...

I love it too. But I don't have good taste (except in friends)... so that may not be an affirmation for you. :) char

Lisar said...

Love the makeover....I was trying to think what colour you might paint it...and now I want it!!! I am still getting my head around the fact that you only paid $60.00 for it....
Anway...this morning I am thankful that:
- God woke me at 5.30am (I am so NOT a morning person LOL, although I do see the benefits of it)
-That I can spend some time with Him BEFORE work
-That it is raining...and thundering and lightning (I need to make this fast as the lights are flickering)
-That it is Friday which means tomorrow is the weekend Yeah!!!!

Dawn said...

Well, Amy, I love the desk. I knew I would are such a talented artist. And don't laugh...I'm serious.
Today I am thankful
-for the strength and energy to serve this big ol' family of mine
-for kids big enough to wash the dishes, and young enough to still think it is sooo fun!
-for Johnson's Baby Shampoo
-that Andy is able to work, even with a bum hand
-that my 20 yr old son, who has moved out on his own, calls me whenever he gets a chance, just to check in and catch up. I really love that.
It's looking like rain here this afternoon. I hope it pours. I've been housecleaning all day for 3 days, and I need some rain to make me happy!!
Love you,

Ginger said...

I"m thankful for:
*hot as I can stand it bubble baths
*scented candles
*the scent of pumpkin spice
*a truckload of firewood

Danielle said...

I love the desk too!

~Thankful for a date night with my oldest little man
~Thankful for a vacuum that helps clean up the wet basement
~Thankful for mug after mug of hot drinks
~Thankful for one more day to love on my family

thehomespunheart said...

Looks like you added a glaze - love that! I redid a dresser once and had major problems finding hardware that fit - I ended up painting the old hardware and putting it back on. Now, I've done this twice and it works great!

Thankful for:
* The smell of brownies baking
* The smiley boy looking at me right now
* A fun day planned on Saturday