Friday, November 14, 2008

Bathtub fear

Yes, this is one of my master bath sinks, mine actually. It just fell down one day, no really, we did nothing to provoke it to pull such an untimely stunt....well, when would such a stunt be timely. I have been brushing my teeth in Michael's sink, oh the sacrifice, I tell you, life is so hard sometimes!

We called the sink fixer guy, and he grunted, and groaned, in my bathroom....nothing like having a strange man making prim evil noises in your loo I suppose. He was having a very boisterous fight with the porcelain bowl, but alas, he overcame, and my life is a smidgen easier now, as is Michael's.

The sink man said he had never seen anything like it! It made me think, what does a sink fixer man then do, if sinks do not normally fall out?

Soooooo, I must address some of my recent commenters:

- Michele, do tell us about your current powder room dilemma, and the wacko idea you have....the suspense is killing us all!

- Charlotte, you do to have good taste, you read my blog don't you???

- Dawn made up for Charlotte's pitiful attempt at affirmation by calling me an artist.....whatever!

- Ginger, judging from your thankful list, I'm thinking you like to be cold about as much as I do, and that's not at all! You made me feel cozy just reading your list. I am afraid to get in the bath tub however......well, for obvious reasons, considering recent malfunctions!

- Monica, what an eye, yes I did add a wash of stain over the paint, but note of advice, if you ever choose to stain over paint, use water base stain, this one took forever to dry!!!Oh, and I can't paint the handles, although that was a fab idea, because one was broken.....remember, I tried to get the smelly store people to come down on the price to no- avail???

So, for the month of November we are telling what we are thankful for, it can be one thing, or several......lets get started, won't you join in the fun????
Today I am grateful for:
- The sink fixer man
- Peanut butter, and jelly
- The messes my little girls make with Polly Pockets
- Friends, that are in-love with their families
- A husband that works really hard....did I use that one already??? Oh well, if i did, I am grateful enough to give it double billing!! Thank you Baby!
What are you grateful for today? Won't you please share?


Michele Norman said...

Bathroom dilemma: I have to cover up the ceiling with something cheap since we did this project ourselves and apparently stink at drywall smoothing. The walls are black/white damask ( and the trim is an awesome black. I thought it would be cool (and cheap) to paint burlap in a funky neutral like metallic silver or sky blue and put it on the ceilingand trim it with a fun little black trim. No one but me sees this. Am I crazy in a good way or bad way?

Thankful for:
-the opportunity to watch love blossom between a girl and a boy
-washable slipcovers
-the silver "threads of wisdom" popping up all over my scalp
-answers to prayer even when they're not what I was seeking

Dawn said...

I'm all goose bumpy today. So much good stuff happening all around me!
I am especially thankful for
-9 yr old girls who send each other gifts in the mail, in spite of not getting to see each other
-my 85 yr old grandmother's excellent dr. appt today
-that I adore the girls my sons adore
-the week-end
-Chick Fil-A grilled sandwiches

Have a great week-end Amy! I really need to bring Jessie over to play with Haven. She was ecstatic at the package today!! Believe it or not, she just did some paper weaving last week...she was so happy that Haven's package included some paper weaving. God is so good!
She'll be responding soon...she can hardly wait!

thehomespunheart said...

Oh, yeah - I forgot one of the handles was broken - too bad!

Thankful for:
* Mmmm - second the Chick-Fil-A sandwiches, we did that for lunch as a surprise for Daddy! Fun!!
* A gray, cozy day!
* An opportunity to reach out tonight and do our shoeboxes - I have a deep desire to teach my children how to serve others.
* Ideas, creativity, the thrill of trying to do something wonderful on a budget!

Totally off topic - but what do you think about hooking Tinker Toys together to make a Jesse tree? Is that too playful for a serious thing? Or would it help make it more fun?

thehomespunheart said...

PS: Michele - I think the burlap/trim idea would look super neat - I bet they would come around after they saw how great it was! :)

Ginger said...

No, Amy, you may be thankful for flipflops in November, but I adore cold weather. I love the fire in the fireplace, electric blankets, winter clothes, hot lattes, hot chocolate, seeing my breath in front of me.....

Lisar said...

Well, I wasn't going to comment as I have been finding it hard to be grateful for much this morning...
However...I will be grateful as one of my close friends has just phoned saying how much God has been putting it on her heart to phone me this week...
So I AM grateful for the absolute confirmation that God knows how we really are deep down inside and for the obedience of friends when prompted by God to call their struggling friends....THANKS BE TO GOD....Lisa

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

How strange about your sink. I wonder if it wasn't caulked when it was installed? I love your faucet though!

Ginger said...

Amy, I should add one more comment that will make you think I am weird, but so be it: I have lived you-know-where for over 6 years, having moved here from a small town an hour away (so still grew up near the beach), but I've been to the beach here *maybe* 5 times. I haven't been at all in the last 2 years since the cancer thing. I love to look at the water, but don't like the sand and grit. As a child I didn't like to be dirty, either. Can we still be cyber friends?