Saturday, November 15, 2008

Giving Thanks

Today I am grateful for:

- The wind blowing the beautiful red leaves all around our yard
- A chance to express myself creatively
- Hope
- That my "boyfriend" doesn't have to work every Saturday
- Hot shower: to wake me up, to keep me clean, to make me warm, to help me think, for alone time, no one can hear me cry


Michele Norman said...

I am thankful
-that my daughter is my friend; who could have known but God!

-for being at home three days in a row!

-that my husband looks the other way when the creative juices are flowing and the housework is lacking

-a thirteen year old who will hold my hand in public

Ginger said...

I am thankful for:

*Your blog~~you are such a blessing to me with your encouragement in spite of all you've been through.
*coupons! and gift cards!
*a new-found tea: Chocolate Caramel Chai
*gorgeous leaves blowing all over the yard and driveway (maybe a job next Saturday)
*potatoes~~any kind

Dawn said...

I'm sure we've all been grateful for the shower right along with you. Tears flow easily, and are washed away...a very important time. I have used it myself, many times. I pray that your tears will be lessened, friend.

I am thankful
-that Jen is feeling better from the chicken pox
-that my husband thinks of me first
-that I have a husband who really cares about his kids and how they're raised
-that my husband sacrifices so easily for us
-that God is helping me to care more about my home, and being a worker at home