Friday, November 28, 2008

wonderful Turkey day memories

HHHHoooooeeeeeyyyyy, I am tuckered out y'all!!!! No black Friday for me! I went to bed early, and slept late, and still don't feel rested! yesterday was great fun, having the Family at my house this year was a special treat, although we dearly missed some that were not able to attend!

Tuesday night I made this tablecloth.

There was just enough fabric to cover the children's table

Wednesday night I made these "placeholder" cookies.

My Mom made these!

I was up bright and early on Thanksgiving making these,

and lots of other yummies!!

It was a day of reconnecting,


wing span comparing,


some reminiscing,


wii playing, and ping pong championships. I believe Dakota prevailed there.

not to mention eating, eating, and eating some more. Then there was the eating, and a little eating.

Oh, I forgot the eating!

Then there was more snuggling,

and we rounded out the day with some more giggling.

I hope your day was as fun as ours, and to all those loved ones who couldn't make it, you were very missed!

so, today I am grateful for:

- extended family

- Turkey day, and a whole month to concentrate on Thankfulness

- good traveling weather for all those out on the roads

- The opportunity to hear my Dad pray on Thanksgiving, one more year.

- a day of rest

What are you thankful for?


Ginger said...

Just lovely!

Michele Norman said...

Love the tablecloth!

Today I'm thankful...
-that I could sleep in this morning.
-for good health.
-a day to enjoy family.
-an afternoon of sewing!

Lisar said...

What a wonderful day it appears you all had....such fun photos and love your cookies and all of your must have been exhausted!!!

Today I am thankful for
- a surprise email and photos from relatives in Germany
- inspiration to get moving with some Christmas stuff
- that I am looking forward to Christmas this year (it is not always the case)
- catching up with friends this weekend