Sunday, November 23, 2008


Today I am grateful for:

- Sonic Route 44s
- The fact that I can laugh in the face of Christmas craziness, because I am almost already done!
- The handles I found for my "new" desk today (pictures soon)
- Target, nuf said
- The assurance that if we know the Lord, we will one day be with him, and that those who go before us, who know him also, will be waiting for us when we arrive.

What are you grateful for?


Ginger said...

Today I am thankful for:
*a church where I can hear the truth and not merely have my ears "tickled"
*watching Charlotte's sweet family in church (She is such an inspiration.)
*a dear, sweet older lady in church named Becky--She sent me a card every week during my 6 months of chemo and I kept every one!
*the upcoming holidays
*that Jesus died on the cross for me

Michele Norman said...

Thankful for...
-the church nursery. No, seriously! Each week I get to hang out with a bunch of babies and sometimes even get to hold a few!!

-the substitute pastor we had today.

-a son who can always find a project for me to do. I'm never bored!

-movie night with the girls.

Lisar said...

What on earth is/are Sonic Route 44's? Is this a freeway or something that you travel on?
Can't wait to see your new have inspired me to overhaul a couple of items I have that were my grandmother's....I have been reluctant to do anything to them as they are quite old, but I really don't think they are antiques. Keep an eye out on the blog.
So...I need to be back in the grateful game before it finishes: Today I am grateful for:
- the day off...I plan to do some sewing
- Christian book stores and music..I went shopping and bought the new Michael W Smith is fantastic
- More rain over the weekend
- Coffee
- my brother asking me to babysit my niece and nephew next weekend