Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Birthday to Crockett Davis

Happy 13th Birthday sweet Crockie, We miss you terribly, I miss you terribly. I feel selfish to want you back here in this painful world full of seizures, and crooked backs, and throw-up, and hurt, doctors, medicine, and therapy, but the good times, the funny times, the learning, and the smiles, and the way you talked even when you couldn't, those are the things I miss, and those are the things that made up for all the pain! I would give anything, to hold your soft, warm hand one more time, and to scratch your head and hear you laugh, to see you rock back and forth in your chair, and hear you squeal in delight at the sounds of your siblings, to feel you run your hands over my face and see that little grin poke through, to hear you kick the furniture so hard that we have to move you, to experience your sweet smiles in the morning, and your angry screams when you wanted out of your chair.

I am so very grateful Crockett, for all that pain you went through, for all that we learned because you did, and all that we gained because you lived. This world did not see your worth little boy, but we did, I did!

You taught us to love unconditionally, by example.

You taught us to have compassion, not pity.

You taught us to trust God, no matter how hard life got

You taught us how strong we could be, and how far we could stretch

You brought us to homeschooling, and a change of lifestyle.

You taught us what was truly important.

You taught us to love sacrificially.

You revealed to us how thoughtless and mean people can be with their words, and how to forgive.

You revealed just how much Grandpa and Grandma loved Mama, by how much they loved you.

You revealed how detrimental a fear of the future is.

You revealed how helpful and compassionate young boys can be.

You taught me to be grateful for the pain, as it is then that I grow.

You continue to teach me, even in your death.

And you taught it all without a word!

I don't know why it was you, that had to teach us all that, or why God chose us to teach it to, but I sure am glad He did. I am a better person because you lived my sweet Crockett, and I feel so honored that I was able to care for you for the 12 years, that you were on this earth.

You were sent here for the same reason we all are, and that was to glorify your heavenly Father, and I do believe that you did that well son. You did that very well! i love you Crockett my son, and I miss you. I believe you are free from all the pain now, and enjoying your mansion in the sky. We look forward to the day when we will see you again!

For all of this I am so grateful today.
Tell me, what are you grateful for?


Michael said...

I am thankful for a wife who can express her hearts cry in the written word and upon reading those words find they so perfectly mirror my own thoghts. I am thankful for a proverbs 31 wife, a Godly wife whose children both present and absent can rise up and call blessed. My dear sweet wife, I am thankful for your life of sacrafice for our children and me .I am thankful for a sleepless night full of thankfulness and longing for a son who is at home waiting for us to arrive from this world of aliens and strangers. I am thankful Lord to you for giving us Crockett and for letting him stay with us these twelve years and teaching us more through him than anyone else in our lives though he never said a word. I miss him so, but I am thankful Lord that you took him home and he burst into the Your throne room and ran, and lept into your lap and uttered his first spoken word "Daddy." I am thankful that he was able to thank you for the one he held dearest here on earth, his Mama and my precious wife. Crocket I am proud of you, I miss you so. Remember we will all be there in just a minute.

char said...

Amy - Love you. Thankful for Crockett and for a family that saw the value of his life and let him teach them many things. Thankful for pictures so that we can remember and also so that others can share... thankful for your blog always being real.. Happy Birthday Crockie. char

Danielle said...

What am I thankful for today? It seems so empty and meaningless compared with your thankfulness.

Amy, your words are spoken so beautifully. I have not loved so dearly nor lost so much.

I am thankful for your example

I am thankful you relied on God's strength to carry you through the last twelve years

I am thankful God promised to never leave you and He knows your pain...God's son wasn't looked upon very nicely either...but He changed the world just like Crockett changed your world.

Praying for you today!

Michele Norman said...

Happy birthday, Crockett. I'm sure you heard the words that many of us long to hear, "Well done, good and faithful servant."

I am thankful that God's ways are higher than ours.

That He is always good.

That He gives and He takes away.

That He can sympathize with our weakness.

Ginger said...

God bless you and yours, Amy

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Well, I can't beat that. Thank you for sharing about Crockett and what a joy he was. I loved each and every photo. I guess today I am thankful that I have a hope that we will see our loved ones again in heaven. I lost a baby to miscarriage and I know he/she will be waiting for us!

thehomespunheart said...

Happy Birthday, Crockett. Amy - I was thinking of you yesterday! I loved all the pictures you shared and how you shared your heart as well.

Love you -

Elise said...

Well, I was popping over to see your swap goodies, but got so much more. Thank you for sharing.

Joy Cometh in the Morning said...

This is an awesome tribute to Crockett!! Remembering is great healing. I love what Michael said about we'll be there in a minute!!

~*~Brianne~*~ said...

What a beautiful tribute to Crockett. All of the pictures of him and his siblings holding him made me smile and tear up at the same time. I LOVE the one with ElizaJane (I think that's her) giving him his bottle. That's too precious. He was a blessed boy because you can tell he was surrounded by a ton of love. Thank you for sharing this. It was awesome!! And your husband's response just shows what an amazing man you are married to... you are a blessed woman!

~*~Brianne~*~ said...

I also just realized... Crockett shares a birthday with my brother!! Now, I will always remember Crockett's birthday, and will say a special prayer for your family every year in honor of him!! :o)

joyinthejourney said...

Amy, I feel like I'm spying on you reading this. Crockett was so beautiful. I wish we had known him. What a wonderful blessing his life must have been to you all. I am grateful to know you. Praying for God to pour blessings out on you and Michael and your children.