Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Extreme Make-over

Wow, this is not a very good picture, (sorry) of a not so attractive desk. I bought it at my new favorite smelly store, teehee, for $60.00. I know, I paid too much. I was brave, and asked the girl at the desk if they would maybe take a bit off for me, I thought, it won't hurt to ask, right?! She said, "Why, whats wrong with it?" I replied, "well, nothing I guess", and she said, "well, they won't take anything off unless it's missing a piece" to which I said, "Well, the handle is broken, and laying on the floor?" to which she replied, " It has to be something major, like a leg or something!"...... ???? I'm still trying to process that one, a three legged desk, do you think they could sell a three legged desk at good will?? maybe ....I'm just sayin!
Sooooo, here it is, and tomorrow I will show you how I gave it an extreme make-over. Tune in, and let me know if you like it.

Now for our November thankful game, lets jump right in, won't you join us today?

Today I am grateful for:
- My new pretty desk
- Wood floors that don't show much, so I don't have to vacuum and mop much
- Sunshine in November
- That new Hallmark commercial with the little toddler boy who records "Merry Christmas" in his card to his Grandparents. I think it says Merry Christmas (not Happy Holidays, or Seasons Greetings) at least 12 times! Thank you Hallmark!
- Three children who enthusiastically tell me "Good morning", every day!


Lisar said...

Love the desk Amy....I can't imagine how you might improve it at all...well, I'll just have to check tomorrow night won't I? I have decided that you definitely have better quality Op Shops in the US!!
It's funny that you are gratful for sunshine in November!!!
Today I have to say that I am thankful for
- airconditioning at my work and in my home (it has been in the
90's farenheit today)
- tablets and nasal sprays to help relieve my hayfever
- only having to cook for myself...I can eat toast!!!

Michele Norman said...

Today I am grateful for:
-the opportunity to be an encouragement to others
-a whole day at home to accomplish stuff
-that my son's best friend is his dad
-that I can fill my tank for less than $40!!!
-that my daughter is practicing thankfulness (

Dawn said...

I am thankful for...
-friends who keep track of me
-spaghetti on my toddler's face
-Woman's Life
-my parents and grandmother who do so much to help me
-Advil and hot baths for an aching back

Ginger said...

I'm thankful for:
*wonderful co-workers
*a son's hugs
*$26 to fill my gas tank~~down from a high of $50
*electricity to make life easier
*the time change

thehomespunheart said...

I already know that the makeover will be beeeutiful!

Ok, thankful:
* A hubby who surprised me with a babysitter and dinner out tonight - divine!
* A season of celebrating thanks
* My parents & free long distance to talk to them!
* Sweet time with my Father this morning - thank You Lord for your Word!!